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About Paule.


Hi my name is Paule. I have been working as a vocal coach and as a performing singer for over twenty years.


During that time I have performed in New Zealand, Australia, and America. Not every singer is blessed at birth with Herculean sized vocal chords that make singing a breeze. I know I certainly wasnt! In fact my voice was so weak when I started singing even the simplest songs were a real struggle. I became determined to research the globe in search of proven techniques and exercises to reduce the time it takes to develop real power, range and improve vocal tone.


I made plenty of mistakes along the way and tried out dozens of voice coaches and programmes that failed to provide the results I was looking for. I learnt by trial error and figured out how the voice works, and then studied vocal anatomy and discovered which exercises work best with certain voices to grow the vocal chords. As a result of my quest for knowledge in all things to grow the voice. I am proud to say I have created a vocal exercise programme that delivers real results with my clients, students and I help them dramatically reduce the time it takes to overcome vocal obstacles and develop their true performer voice.


Every singer is different. No two sets of vocal chords are the same. I teach beginners, immediate and advanced through to professionals (recording and touring artists). Every session is customised specifically to the needs of my client and their immediate vocal goals.   


    I can help you:

  • Gain real confidence

  • Reduce vocal strain

  • Develop real power

  • Increase your range

  • Heal and recuperate a blown voice

  • Scream and sing safely with out risk

  • Improve your ability to follow melody

  • Build a voice you will be proud to call your own.


Coaching credits include: Coaching post NZ Xfactor 2015 finalists.



I can save you days, weeks, months, years of vocal frustration, and dramatically reduce the time it takes for you to develop your true performer voice. The hard work, disclipline and willing effort that part will come from you.


Are you ready to unlock your performer voice?

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