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Your opportunity to work one on one with me  and receive expert hands on vocal coaching tuition.  I will help you understand your voice and by making, simple adjustments to your singing technique. I guarantee that you will notice measurable improvements in your singing voice within the first 15-20  minutes of our session!


I am dedicated to working tirelessly with all of my students and delivering the very best world class vocal coaching content. I am constantly researching and pioneering new vocal techniques and exercises to help my students reduce the time it takes them to develop their singing voices to there full potential.


No two voices are exactly the same, this means that your voice requires a customised vocal conditioning and strengthening programme to reach its full singing potential. 


I can help you with every aspect of vocal improvment. Whether you want to learn to sing, or learn how to scream, or repair a blown voice box, i can customise a tailored vocal coaching session to help you reach your immediate singing goals.


Singing lessons, singing teacher, Vocal coaching, Auckland New Zealand, Skype and face to face lessons available.



Singing lessons, Singing teacher, Vocal coaching, Auckland New Zealand, Skype lessons, Rapid Vocal Results. Are you doing everything you could be? should be doing to safely grow your voice and produce rapid vocal improvements and become the singer you've always wanted to be?