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A confident public speaking voice is the essential factor in making sure your message is not just heard but well received.

Regardless of  how strong or well thought out your message is. Its your ability to deliver the message with true vocal confidence that will determine how quickly your audience will side in your favour.


I will work with you one on one via Skype (anywhere in the world),  or face to face at my studio, to help you improve your ability to connect more powerfully with your audience, by helping you to master the skills of my "RVR Dynamic Communicator Program".


I will share with you, the vocal delivery techniques the professional speakers use, to help them power up their speaking voices and project to the back of the room and deliver their public messages, with improved clarity, power and projection.


This programme is suitable for anyone that is looking to improve the effectiveness of their voice and wants to learn the secrets to become a more confident public speaker.


Learn the secrets the pros use to develop speaking voices with charisma, and improve your speaking tone, and resonance, and better breathing to become a more confident public speaker. 

Public Speaking lessons, Singing lessons, Singing teacher, Vocal coaching, Auckland New Zealand, Skype lessons, Rapid Vocal Results. Let me help you to develop your own unique confident public speaking voice.