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Learn to sing (free video coaching lessons) to help you rapidly improve your singing voice. To be able to master your singing voice and reach your full vocal development potential, requires a firm understanding of the fundamental concepts that make up good vocal technique. There are no short cuts to learning to sing properly, you need to fully understand how to correctly perform the fundamental actions that combine to produce a fully supported singing voice.

This free video coaching session. Will teach you how to correctly perform the lip bubble exercise. Here's what you will learn (how to retrain your voice not to over-sing or strain to hit the high notes). This is especially important because higher notes, require the right balance of minimum tension on the vocal chord combined with a balance of minimum air released over the chord to allow the vocal chords to vibrate freely. Learning how to create this healthy dual breathing and vocal co-ordination will rapidly improve the quality of your singing voice and help you to extend your vocal range.