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I believe that every one should be able to afford access to world class vocal development programmes and one on coaching expertise. With this in mind i have a range of coaching programmes available to fit every budget.
(All prices in NZ dollars) all services available /face to face /or via skype.

Vocal diagnostic:

$120.00 @ 60 mins

(Initial diagnostic coaching session)

In this session I provide a frank audit of your future vocal potential. You will learn how your voice works and particularly diagnose the bad habits or in correct muscle  co-ordinations that are preventing you from reaching your current vocal goals. This session is used to diagnose all aspects of how you  produce your vocal sound. We use the diagnostic session to identify any trouble areas within your voice, or singing technique that are preventing you from reaching your full vocal potential. We then work together to create a customised vocal programme to address the problem areas and focus on overcoming your voice's weak spots.

One on one coaching:

$120.00 per 60 mins

$90.00 per 45 mins

$65.00 per 30 mins

$55.00 per 20 mins

Using the findings  from your vocal diagnostic session. I create a individual customised programme for each singer to address the key problem areas within their voice. Its important to understand that no two voices are the same, every set of vocal chords will vary in size and thickness and  this is true also for the tendons ligaments and micro muscles that anchor the singing voice. A customised programme is needed to obtain the best vocal growth results.

Audition King:

Same rates as above

Dynamic Communicator Program:

Same rates as above.

The Audition King programme, teaches you how to deliver the best vocal audition of your life. We will work together line by line on any song of your choice, to improve your vocal delivery, Topics covered include; performance confidence, developing your star power, etc. In this programme you will learn how recording artists, in pop, country, metal, jazz, blues, rap, all rely on a singers tool box  of vocal techniques to make it easier to power up their voice to deliver memorable performances.

This programme is about working one on one with people to help them develop a  powerful confident public speaking voice. Professional speakers always make it look so easy on stage their voices are powerful and confident, there voices seem to easily full the room and put their audiences at ease.  Learn the secrets of how to speak with a powerful confident voice, with out having to strain or yell to be heard. Learn how to develop the right mix of chest and head voice so that you can speak for hours at a time and still project your voice to the back of the room with little or no strain on your vocal chords.  Learn how to develop the radio friendly frequencies in your voice to make your voice more pleasing to your audiences ear and  deliver your message more effectively and become a confident public speaker.



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