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This programme is designed to provide my students, with expert one on one coaching in all aspects of  their vocal  development and their performance delivery, the content is fully customised based on the exact requirements of the students school or polytechnic curriculum.


This programme has been designed specifically, to assist dedicated students, ie (singers) that require that additional bit of coaching and mentoring to achieve higher grades in their music examinations.


The RVR Academy programme is available via face to face coaching at my studio or via Skype.  

Each student in the academy receives a completely customised coaching programme based on the requirements of the academic curriculum they are studying:


Current RVR academy coaching  students are studying:


NCEA Music Secondary school programmes.

Mainz Polytechnic Music school.

For those singers that are looking to apply to internationally renowned music schools to pursue higher levels of music qualifications, ie Trinity school of music (London) etc or through ABRSM. I can help you to prepare for all aspects of your practical audition.

The RVR Academy programme,  is practical  hands on learning at its best, content includes:

A. All aspects of safely building and developing a strong flexible singing voice.

B. All aspects of understanding how to use the voice to gain optimum singing effiencies, (range, power, tone, emotional delivery etc).

C. Ear training, ( singers can often have a strong connection to music but experience challenges in singing in key and staying on pitch,)etc.

D. Rythym training (singers can often have a strong connection to music but experience challenges in keeping time with the music), etc.

E.How to select the right audition or examination songs for your voice etc

F. How to develop confidence for group and single performances etc.

(Thats just a very small example of the content on offer through the RVR Academy).

The Rapid Vocal Results, RVR Academy  will provide you with expert coaching guidance and mentoring to assist you in developing all aspects of your singing voice  as well as  learning the skills to  deliver a compelling powerful consistent vocal performance. 

What dose this really mean for parents  who are wanting to enroll their child in  the Academy?

It means, I will be your child's personal vocal coach, and vocal mentor, your child will receive the very best mentoring, support and one to one expert coaching instruction and guidance, I am available 24/7 ( slight exaggeration), because yes i do need my sleep too) but my phone is always on and am happy to provide additional motivation and advice as required.

So good its worth repeating twice! This programme has been designed specifically to assist dedicated students that require that additional bit of coaching and mentoring to achieve higher grades in their music examinations.

Check out my testimonials page to learn first hand about the dramatic results my singers experience using my "Rapid Vocal"coaching method. 




RVR singer testimonials 




One common theme iam very proud off  is that  every singer that  goes through my coaching programme reports experiencing, new found social confidence just by learning how to make better use of their singing voice. My singers regularly call or email me to share these types of discoveries, ie the  newly gained confidence in their voice is also enriching other areas of their lives and how they noticed the added vocal confidence has also improved their interactions with their friends, family and at school. or work etc. 

Coaching rates per session: 

60 mins @90.00 

45 mins @65.00 

30 mins @55.00

Call me now to discuss special concession pricing rate for prepayment of term coaching.


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