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Sarah Spicer /Recording & Touring Artist / 2015 X-Factor Finalist

I'm 43 yrs old and quite frankly I thought, that I had my voice all worked out by now! But after spending some quality time working with Paule and his rapid vocal results methods. I definitely noticed improvments in my tone and vocal strength etc. Learning how to use my voice more efficently has  measurably improved the stamina of my singing voice.


Paule  helped me gain a deeper understanding of how the voice works in a holistic way. I have now learnt practical vocal techniques that help me to maintain my voice at its best. 


Paule helped me out recently while I was on tour. Due to my performance schedule. I had been singing daily for weeks in a row and was suffering from fatigue and lack of energy.


The RVR techniques, really work and are easy to learn! I will continue to use them in the future both on the road and in the studio.


Paule is very professional, flexible and reliable and I can't recommend him highly enough. The Skype calls work really well and allow me to practice from home or while I'm on the road. 
Many Thanks Paule.
Sarah Sassy Spicer.

Kara James Gordon / Professional  singer and guitar player 
Performance Credits
Opened for Slash, Ozzy Osbourne, Joe Satriani, Elton John.

Has performed with Glen Hughes (Deep Purple)

Toured internationally  through out New Zealand / Australia /Europe etc with Alabama 3

Toured New Zealand and Australia as part of the "fly my pretties" tour

Paule from RVR has helped me immensely with my vocals.
I have been a professional musician for years thought i was doing alright with my singing. 
But Paule showed me the real deal way to sing by using my diaphragm breathing and taught me facial and lung strengthening exercises that have helped take me to the next level of vocal performance.
People who have come to my gigs for years have noticed improvements in my power tone and pitch and the improvements have happened since i started going to paule for coaching.
This guy knows his stuff!

PS the video below was recorded before i started taking singing lessons with Paule I will post a video soon to show you a difference that coaching has made to my voice. 

Sharon P 


New Zealand

I had been taking weekly singing lessons with Paule for about 3 months when I had a dream about singing. Not just that I was singing, but that my singing was a powerful tool to make a positive difference in my life.  It was a confirmation for me that taking singing lessons with Paule was exactly what I needed to be doing.

Many thanks to Paule and Rapid Vocal Results!


Nefertiti Teare, currently studying music at Mainz 


My name is Nefertiti Teare I'm 20 years old and currently studying music at Mainz.

I have always struggled with singing efficiently and was concerned that if i continued singing with poor technique that i may cause myself permanent damage in the future.


I also lacked confidence in my ability to sing i really wanted to improve my higher and lower register, power, and improve pitching and vibrato. during show rehearsals and performances i would always find my throat straining and knew that this problem needed to be solved at once.


My first lesson with Paule on 27th July within 30 minutes WOW what a difference. my confidence had already been lifted, i had hope again ! and the unhealthy tension in my larynx had already been lifted. 


3 months into my sessions with Paule and i am confident to say that when I'm singing in rehearsal or shows that i have a sense of security knowing that I'm singing with correct technique.


I easily apply what i have learnt in the sessions to the work i do at university. Paule uses great analogies to help recognise the muscle groups that need to be engaged when wanting to hit the high notes or belt. My breath management has become so much efficient. and i am proud to say that that i have achieved my vocal goal for the year: hitting a C6!!!!


its great having a tutor that genuinely cares for your vocal health and nurtures its development safely AND RAPIDLY. Paul has a refreshing personality and gives great tips to be able to condition your voice even when your sick to help reduce swelling. He has a great in depth knowledge on vocal anatomy and he explains in an easy understandable way so that you can gain even greater knowledge on how your voice works (which i found  singing the hard stuff easier to do once i know the how , why and what going on in there!!)


Every week i look forward to another session with Paule my vocal coach. i love the new habits i am forming and how positive and confident i feel after each session. I recommend anyone who wants to improve there vocal tonality, register, and really develop there full vocal potential  to try out Rapid Vocal Results. ITS WORTH IT!!


Jordan Willis-Love, 18 (Skype coaching)


Singing has always been a passion of mine, but it wasn’t until 2 years ago that I really started to sing seriously and work on my voice. After having started busking and singing for small events, I worked out that I wanted to pursue music and so looked for a vocal coach to teach me correct technique, improve my range and strengthen my voice. Paule, offered all of this and more, and I finished my first session feeling excited about the rapid improvements that were to be made to my voice. I have now been having weekly 45 minute sessions with Paule for about 10 months and the results have been unbelievable. I have a newfound depth of knowledge about how my voice works and how to use it in the most efficient way, I can hit notes that 10 months ago I thought would be impossible and with more power I’d ever imagined and my confidence has sky-rocketed.


Being a level 3 music high school student, I have had the privilege of having Paule’s support throughout all my assessments. His genuine care for his clients is obvious and to be able to come to him with all my songs and work on them with him to make sure I perform to the best of my ability has been the reason for my success this year. He never hesitates to offer extra sessions and always wants to keep up to date on how I’m doing with my assessments. Receiving a call from Paule before my performance offering advice on warming up, keeping the nerves in control and little things to focus on during the performance means a great deal and he goes above and beyond for the benefit of his clients.


Paule’s coaching style is, as he says, no BS, and his constructive criticism and teaching helps me learn in a safe, comfortable environment. I can’t imagine where I would be without Paule and his Rapid Vocal Results singing system. During  each session ive experienced vocal break throughs and improvements that have kept me excited and intrigued about my voice and singing. I would highly recommend any high school music students who are thinking of getting a vocal coach to go straight to Paule to experience Rapid Vocal Results!!!

Moya Bawden

When I approached RVR for coaching i was working with a thready, uncertain voice and no confidence to hit and retain the desired notes. There was no power.


RVR provided both great support and specific challenges which dealt with each issue. The volume, brightness and even my range have all been extended. I could not have imagined the difference possible when I started. I would recommend Paule and his RVR singing method unreservedly. The results speak for themselves.


Kind regards


Moya Bawden




Dr Fern Evitt, PhD (Management) 


After years of intense and unrelenting stress my voice was suffering, correspondingly, my confidence.  I explored a number of voice coaches around the Auckland region.  While they offered insights, I didn’t find them able to adjust well to my needs nor did they appear to appreciate my particular problems.


Paule proved to be different - effective - right from the start.  From the initial diagnostic session, I knew I had found a gifted voice coach.  He immediately recognised a number of issues with my voice and poor speaking habits.  As a female CEO, I wanted to have a pleasant, authoritative speaking voice necessary to command attention and lead.  Despite my busy lifestyle and voice issues, he has quickly responded, adjusting and thoughtfully planning each session to optimise the value for me.


Evident is his commitment to his clients quickly realising results and appreciating - utilising - the marvel that is the voice. Paule’s agility to adapt the lesson and personalise plans to address a concern or focus on a particular issue, is very much appreciated and an admirable talent.


Thoroughly versed in the nuances of speaking and singing from the internal mechanics through to the nutrition advice and physical benefits, he exudes his passion for his clients’ realising results.


I will - and have - recommend Paule to anyone thinking of improving their voice, wanting to speak with strength, with resonance, with confidence.  While I have not been taking singing lessons per se, much of his instruction comes via good use and range of the voice: I can appreciate how his skills would be unmistakeably beneficial for anyone wishing to improve their singing voice.  I can certainly attest to his patience, his focus on advancing his clients’ voice goals and his repertoire of teaching methods: all conveyed with care and good humour.


Fraser Coombes lead vocalist for NZ hard rock band Checaine. 

I began vocal training session with Paule with the goal of bridging a mid range gap in my vocal range.


Although I had sung for a number of years and would consider myself an experienced 

performer in the genre of rock/metal I was at a stage where I was simply not making the 

connections and progress I wanted on my own. 


My original rock band Checaine were in the midst of recording our debut album when I felt the use of a professional vocal coach may just help me sound smoother and more connected with my voice and the listener. 


After an initial diagnostics session in which Paule gave his professional audit on the condition of my voice and potential, he created a taylor made vocal training programme. Although Paule encouraged me to identify the areas of my voice I'd like to work on I found his programme and content during lessons specifically targeted the areas I needed to work on without even realising myself. Paule has worldwide connections with some of the globes most renowned vocal coaches. 


His information is current and his ability to get results out of his students by using the latest tricks of the trade is second to none. 


It's worth me mentioning that Paule is the fourth vocal coach I have used. I wish I had saved my,  time and money and gone straight to Paule. 


A key area of learning for myself was around vocal health. Paule taught me the importance of treating your voice like a highly sensitive instrument. I was intrigued to learn about foods that should be avoided as a vocalist, dietary habits and the power of water.  


If you are looking for that little bit of help to speed up your learning progress and are interested in any of the following I can confidently recommend Paule as the vocal coach to deliver the results you are striving for.


Weekly practice routines, how to train the voice safely, vocal health, pre show warm ups, post show warm down, how to perform when you have a cold, healthy/safe voice distortion, the power of blurb exercises, blend and vowel pronunciation, vowel modification, range extension, performance techniques, marketing advice and much much more.


Since having vocal training with Paule my band has gone on to play gigs with Devilskin, I Am Giant, Setting Fire To Stacey, Ekko Park and many more.


Paule is a big believer in using analogies during his training sessions to ensure the student has a true understanding of the technique or pivotal learning moment in a lesson.


If you are looking to improve your voice then look no further than Paule. If his sheer enthusiasm for singing and your progress don't motivate you on their own I'll eat my hat! 


Every time I take the stage now I do so with the confidence that I have the right tools and 

techniques to deliver a great performance. Thanks Paule! You Rock!


If you need further proof the Paule delivers results you can hear me sing on Checaine's debut 


album on the link below. 



Parabola West (Independent recording artist, singer song writer).

I have been working with Paule for just under a year, mostly via Skype lessons, and I have found his method of teaching to be efficient and effective, providing immediate and lasting improvements to my singing and breathing techniques. 


Paule is able to identify and provide techniques to correct strain and resistance in my voice, as well as provide information and context around the mechanics of how it all works. 


His commitment to providing excellent value and measurable results was obvious from our first lesson, and I certainly recommend booking a lesson to see for yourself how much you can get out of an hour!

Parabola West.






Aj (Singer songwriter ,solo performer).

“I started vocal coaching with Paule mid 2013 with the goal of being able to trust my voice enough so that I could sing confidently in front of friends, family and familiar faces whilst jamming along with my guitar.

However once I began taking vocal lessons, Paul soon helped me realise that I had a lot more potential than singing for small crowds and consistently encouraged me to strive for more.


A year later, I am making youtube covers which are starting to attract a lot of attention, collaborating with some of the finest artists in Auckland and I have also been singing live at open mic nights in bars and performed at shows.


A big thank you to Paul for helping me stick through the initial stages, without whom I wouldn’t be where I am today. I encourage anyone out there thinking about singing to give him a go!




Sam G (Singer /guitar player).

““Rapid Vocal Results" delivers exactly what it promises. Each session is like a workout in a vocal gym with Paule as your very own personal trainer. Paule's tailored coaching programme  has allowed me to achieve feats which I never even dreamed possible. When I started my training with Paule, I was a vocal weakling and could barely carry a tune in a bucket ( I struggled to sing Johnny Cash and now I am learning to sing Led Zepplin) . In no time at all, Paule, had me repping out some serious notes and phrases. I cannot begin to recommend the program enough, with Paule's RVR coaching method, literally anyone can learn to sing.” Paule has not only helped me to develop new strength in my singing voice but has transformed me from been a monotonal singer to a melodic singer and my new improved sense of pitch has also really helped me improve all aspects of my guitar playing especially in regards to making it easier to work out solos and chord progressions etc. Thanks Paule!



Rapid Vocal Results with Paule? You bet !!! His patient, insightful vocal coaching is inspirational. You put the work in, he will mentor your progress well. Your singing will improve.. His unique holistic approach shows his genius, not only a vocal coach, his advice shows him to be a life coach.


Don C 68 years young.



I've been a student of Paule's for around a year now. I've really enjoyed the coaching and I've learnt a lot. Paule's ability to zero in the areas that had the most benefit to me has been really insightful. I've increased by range, my breathing and release techniques have improved, plus the sound placement has come on leaps and bounds. I'd highly recommend Paule as a coach to help with targeted vocal growth.


Rob C. Bankrupt (Covers band) New Zealand.



Name: Nikolaj W

Age: 45



Reason for seeking out vocal coaching:

I have always liked singing, but never had any real experience with it. I got the idea of learning and recording a song for my partner Gloria. Some sort of emotional love song, even a bit corny.


What was your coaching experience like?

We did some initial tests of my range and looked at how I was using my voice. Paule quickly identified some of the elements I needed to work on and regularly came up with small exercises that would address those points and that I could practice between sessions. Over the course of my sessions, my range has expanded significantly, and I have an easier time singing at the limits of my range.

I enjoyed going to the sessions, because the sessions are  fun. The coaching style is casual and light while keeping the exercises to the point.


Recommending Paule to other singers is easy. Because of the good atmosphere and the measurable progress I think anyone interesting in improving their singing would enjoy it.