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Singing lessons, Auckland, New Zealand, Skype Vocal Coaching.

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Do you want to really nail that next big TV talent show audition, or try out with your dream band?


What ever shape that opportunity comes in it could be your big break and fast track your music career!


Working one on one with me via Skype  (any where in the world) or face to my face with me at my studio, in Auckland New Zealand.


We will work together to help you prepare a list of audition songs that best suit your voice, and break each song down and teach you the techniques that professional singers rely on  to help them deliver a killer performance, night after night and show after show.


Learn effective techniques for dealing with and overcoming pre audition nerves and stage fright etc.


This is a totally customised one on one vocal coaching program.

Based on your specific audition needs and requirements. 

I will design a personal vocal coaching programme for you to help you improve your singing and performance skills and most importantly teach you how to develop a positive mindset that will support  higher levels of vocal performance.


Developing a strong supportive singers mindset, will help you to perform at your full ability level and provide you with the confidence to deliver your best vocal performance and to elicit those magic words from the judges "congratulations you've got the gig"!

Singing lessons, Singing teacher, Vocal coaching, Auckland New Zealand, Skype lessons, Rapid Vocal Results. Let me help you to develop the vocal skills and the right supportive singers  mindset to deliver a winning audition!