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Regardless of where ever you are based in the world , The first step to achieving Rapid Vocal Results and permanent singing break throughs, is to gain a (simplified) professional level understanding of how your voice is naturally designed to work. 


Who ever created us, there is  Da Vinci, type genius at work  that went into the creation and the mechanical design  for the  human voice. 


During the Vocal diagnostic session, I will help you to understand the current condition and state of your voice.  More importantly we will identify your voice's genetic vocal DNA maximum potential for growth.


What is your maximum potential to improve your; tonal quality, vocal strength, vocal range?

Have you got what it takes to reach your vocal and career goals?


We will determine the  amount of training and exercise frequency required to safely grow your voice and help you reach your full future vocal potential.We call this Vocal Diagnostic 101.

Your Rapid Vocal Results,  Vocal Diagnostic Session, can be a face to face session in Auckland ,New Zealand, or via Skype anywhere in the world.

I coach seven days a week and do some crazy hours to make myself available to help singers just like you to reach your full vocal potential.


This is a NO BS approach... to your vocal development.

Not everybody is born with vocal chords that can reach the high notes of your favourite stars.

In fact some singers are born with undersized vocal chords and as a result the chords arent thick enough to thin down to make good quality notes in a higher register.

Better to understand your voices future Genetic vocal potential now, and structure your music career goals accordingly.   


All of our Rapid Vocal Results programs begin with a full diagnostic of your vocal abilities - including the assessment of your tone, range, vocal styles, technique, current performance  level, voice muscle co-ordinations, breathing habits, diaphragmic support etc.


I examine every aspect of your singing voice and how you create your sounds (vocal technique).

My singing and vocal programs approach your voice holistically, and I aim to help you make rapid vocal improvements.  


I will  help you to understand how your sounds are made and shaped, and provide you with expert guidance and coaching to identify any singing roadblocks or obstacles that are preventing you from been able to achieve your full singing potential.


It's a blast to work with new singers that come into the diagnostic session and discover that there voice is capable of achieving far more than they ever dreamed of! 

Providing they are willing to let go of some of their unhealthy vocal habits. In fact prior to the vocal diagnostic 101 session, most of the singers I work with arent even aware that they are using bad vocal technique, and these same singers are blown away when they discover that they can achieve a better singing voice when they use less muscles to sing, and learn to identify the true micro muscles  that are responsible for correct voice production.


There are no magic wand solotions to make you a better singer. It takes effort and regular practice, to learn the correct techniques to produce a strong balanced singing voice.


The Rapid Vocal Results, Vocal Diagnostic Session, will give you a head start and immediately help you to identify any unhealthy habits ie vocal and/ or breathing behaviors that prevent you from achieving the full performance potential of your singing or speaking voice.


I offer Vocal Diagnostic sessions, and  customised vocal coaching sessions in my studio in Auckland, New Zealand as a one-on-one service, or via Skype through out Australasia and through out the world for international singers, that are looking to achieve rapid vocal improvments, and want to learn to sing with confidence and develop a world class singing voice. 


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