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Every singer needs a balanced vocal warm up exercise routine, to safely warm up the various parts of our vocal anatomy and prepare the voice to deliver a killer live performance and deal with pre gig nerves. 


The Rapid Vocal Results warm up routine is all killer exercises and no filler. Whether your practicing singing exercises at home or about to step out on stage and deliver a performance  of a life time in front of a live audience.


A well crafted vocal exercise warm up routine will make it easier for your voice to perform at its optimum best.


Athletes understand the importance of a good warm up before working out or competing. Your voice is a muscle a good vocal warm up routine can help protect your voice from strain over use, and prevent  risk of permanent vocal damage.


I have designed a simple effective vocal warm up that really helps the muscles of the voice and the vocal chords to get flexible prior to performing, or before practice.


My students and clients rely on the RVR  vocal warm up routine to help keep their voice in top shape for optimum performance and you will too.


The RVR vocal warm up routine is road tested and is ideal for every kind of singing genre.  


The RVR warm up programme is available as a MP3 download for $25..00 NZ  (message me for download and payment instructions) paule@rapidvocalresults.com


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